Mallory Dupuch

Let me introduce myself...

Hi everyone,

My name is Mallory, I am 38 years old and I live in Breda. Originally I come from the south of France.
I moved to the Netherlands 13 years ago for "love"!  (I ve got that question asked very often).
I am hapily married and I have 2 wonderful small children that love to dance as much as their mummy!

As far as I can remember I have always been dancing, in my village you had 2 choices for sport activity , dancing, or rugby, my choice was quickly made... Dancing!
Throughout the years I took all the oppertunities to experience and learn as much as possible. Dancing at small dancing schools, big schools, entertainment in hotel club, workshops, in different styles, modern jazz, classical, 6 years of Flamenco.
In the end, I found much more than just a hobby in SALSA dancing, I found “my” style.
I have been dancing salsa for more or less 7 years in total. At the moment I am still learning and also a student at Dansschool Salsa in Breda, Advanced Plus level for a bit more than a year and half.

6 months ago I was given the opportunity by Vincent and Simone, to join their teachingteam and assist Vincent on Wednesdays for the 2 first classes. I grabbed that opportunity with excitement and pride. Its not my first experience, as I helped my 2 former teachers in this same school few years ago.
What I really like about teaching is to share my passion for dancing, the possibility to meet new people, and seeing all the progress in the end of the year is such a good reward! 
I am very happy to be able to share my knowledge with our students, and it helps me as well to improve my dancing skills cause there is always room to learn and improve !  Lots of challenges and lots of fun !



Salsa in Breda Nieuwsbrief

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